Fauna & Flora

Living with total freedom!.

Fauna at La Rosita and its surroundings live within an absolutely natural environment.

This means that they live as they should live, but it also means that they are not used to to be observed closely. They are feral animals.

Therefore, it is not always possible to see all the local fauna. But we will surely do everything possible, if you are interested, to show you as much fauna as we can.

Around 350 birds, maybe more, inhabit our province and you will be able to hear many of them while having breakfast, lunch and dinner in the estancia´s galleries.

Capybara (carpincho), alligators (yacare), otter (nutria), iguana or horned lizard, foxes, turtles, besides the above mentioned 350 bird species form part of the wildlife biodiversity of this province.

In this section we have over 100 exclusive images of Flora and Fauna taken place in the "Estancia La Rosita" and surrounding areas.

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