Our Horses

All our horses are born, raised and trained in "Estancia La Rosita".

This distinctive feature, which currently is not so common, guarantees several features:

  • We really know perfectly well Our Horses.
  • We can choose the adequate horse for each one of our guests.
  • We have the kind of horses we want, Not the ones that someone else sell.
  • According to the seasonal time of the year, you will be able to see and participate in the trainee process.


Our horses are mainly a mixture between:
Criollo, Thoroughbreds for racing, Argentine Polo ponies and Quarter Mile Horses.

We crossbreed them seeking to achieve a balance according to the kind of horse that we like and that we consider is best adapted to our terrain, geography and requirements.

There are more than 100 horses in Estancia La Rosita.


Horses are indispensable companions, necessary for all the tasks performed at an Estancia.
We fully trust our horses100% trust them.

Mounted on our horses it is possible to perform every kind of rural tasks may be performed while riding our horses.
For example: Lassoing cows, bulls and horses. Carry on vaccinating animals, even when angry. Opening and closing cattle gates (tranqueras), galloping under the rain. Set them free fully saddled knowing they won´t run away, etcétera, etcétera.

We are certain that our horses have an excellent behaviour and we we want you to enjoy yourself them.


2 stallions are currently mating at Estancia a Rosita.
One Thoroughbred Polo Argentino (grandson of Pucara – Tanoira Stud)
One thoroughbred racing horse


Presently, there are nearly 30 foals, aged 1 to 3 years.
We start training our foals when they reach approximately three years and a half.
During their first 3 years we gather them every once in a while and handle them to rid them of their tickles with a massage and/or a hose bath. But during those 3 and half years they live in complete freedom!

Unlike many other places or estancias, Estancia La Rosita does not have an exclusive lot of mares destined for cross breeding.
We change every year the cross breeding mares so they may not forget their training and keep on passing their good breeding to their offspring.


We have had an excellent year!! Everything that was set for sale was sold.
Many thanks to the people who go on trusting our horses!

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