Dorado Fishing


Our proposal is intended for those groups formed by fishers and non fishers. We have options for everyone.
The main feature that turns this region (Esquina) into an ideal fishing place, is based on the confluence of 3 rivers: the Corriente, the Paraná and the Guayquiraró.

Fishing season
  • You may fish the whole year through except November.
    We suggest: September – October – Half December – January – February – March – April.

DISCIPLINES – catch & release
  • Trolling
  • Spinning and Fly-cast
  • Live bait

Main species
  • Dorado ”golden dorado” (Salminus Maxillosus)
  • Pacú “ray finned fish” (Piaractus Mesopotamicus)
  • Surubí “tiger shovelnose catfish” (Pseudoplatystoma)

Other species
  • Patí (Lucio pimelodus Pati) “fresh water long-whiskered catfish”
  • Manduví (Surubim Lima) “Duckbill Catfish”
  • Boga Chondrostoma polylepis, “Iberian nase”
  • Pira Pitá (rycon orbignyanus) “River Salmon”
  • Manguruyús (Paulicea luetkeni) “Gildded Catfish”

    For Fishers and for Non Fishers.
  • We offer activities for Fishers and for Non Fishers.
  • The days when you are not fishing on board you may keep fish in the estancia lagoons.
  • Esquina, due to its particular characteristics is an internationally known destination for fishing Dorados.

You can book ONE FISHING DAY as an additional activity during your stay.

You can also book several Fishing days thus planning your holidays tailored to your wishes.

The days you book must not necessarily be consecutive.

A Fishing day Includes

Full Motorboat Fishing day: Fuel, Bait, Guide, licence and lunch box.

Does not Include Fishing equipment rental

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To make the most of weekends, this package consists of 2 full fishing days.
NON fishing companions will be able to enjoy other alternatives at the Estancia.


FRIDAY 20:55hs.

Departure from Buenos Aires in Bed Suite Coach, Terminal Retiro

SATURDAY: 05:00am

Arrival to Esquina: Transfer to Estancia La Rosita. Transfer during the morning to the pier to sart fishing. Return at sunset to the Estancia: Appetizer, free time, dinner


Transfer in the morning to the pier to start fishing, returning at sunset to the Estancia. Appetizer. Free time. Dinner Transfer to Esquina Bus Terminal. 22:52hs Departure to Buenos Aires.

MONDAY 07:00 a.m

Arrival to the City of Buenos Aires.

  • Full Board Lodging with beverages (soft drinks, wine, beer).
  • Transfer in/out to and from Esquina. Transfers La Rosita / Pier / La Rosita.
  • 02 full fishing days. With: Motor boat (max 3 fishers, Fishing guide, and lunch box, Fuel, Flora and Fauna Licence.

Does Not Include
  • Hiring of equipment | Laundry | Tips.
  • Bus Ticket: Buenos Aires / Esquina / Buenos Aires.

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Non fishing companions will be able to choose between enjoying the peacefullness of the country side and some relaxing days or else taking part in any of the several activities offered by the Estancia.

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